sell bitcoin This currency pros summed up in three sentences: # 1 low fees and Speed Instead of the need for an intermediary between you and the merchant to transfer money, this broker deducts the proportion of money, and with a coin Alpetkoan, this process does not exist, because the currency did not move, but the currency code is Makharj of your wallet and income to the merchant portfolio, and this process takes place between you and the merchant without an intermediary. P2P or peer-Balnd Secret # 2 Sales and acquisitions can not be monitored or interfered with, and this is a positive point for anyone who loves the privacy as it reduces the control of the government and the banks on the currency. World # 3 They are not linked to a specific geographical location can be dealt with, as if a local currency. And the most important thing in this currency that does not have (an officer nor a link) so to speak, and it canceled the control of central banks to print money, which caused inflation and rising prices, and the reason that makes these protected from inflation, the currency is the issue limited Satoshi Nakamoto has a plan that is the production of 21 million currency by the year 2140, and the number limited given great value in the market. After that it was the price is 6 cents, rose to more than $ 1000 and then donated to about $ 600, and the
reason for the big sudden changes is that they are unstable after, and you can follow the price tag on the site. coindesk 72198