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Introduction to the Internet

The idea of ​​the Internet in the early sixties in the United States,
and was intended to serve military purposes, and in the seventies
invented e-mail and was intended to serve scientists to participate
between them, and in the early eighties began using the network at
American universities, and in Bdaahaltsainaat spread Internet worldwide
even rate reached growth Alanturntely 341% and still growing nicely so
And contain the Internet Fattiyatha also contain useful materials with
negative implications, and here shows the role importance
Almadrshwalosrh in recommendation children to the best way to use the
network Alanturntoalastvadh all its positive potential ..

, Everything in his life we ​​Mdharovoaْd and who our God teams from all
other creatures know our way .. the right way, which benefit us in this
life and the afterlife ...

The benefits of the Internet:

• call for Islam, a statement merits.
• Respond to the suspicions raised about Islam.
• fight against heresies and to address their advocates
• dissemination of useful knowledge and good morals.
• Knowledge of cosmic science, and the introduction of the reasons progress and prosperity.
• Take advantage of it in scientific research.
• Identify the latest reports, studies and statistics in various fields.
• ease of communication scholars to take a fatwa from them and consult them.
• Scientists announced lectures and follow-up online.
• Identify the conditions of Muslims in the world and follow their news
• find new friends and communicate with family and relatives
• Respond to the suspicions raised about the nation, religion and refuted
• fight against heresies and to address their advocates., Delivery and point of view to others
• dissemination of science and knowledge and good morals. Benefit from the experiences of others
• Knowledge of science and pursue progress and prosperity. In all fields
• Take advantage of it in scientific research. Study and openness on the thinking of the world
• Identify the latest reports, studies and statistics in various fields.

Manmakant cons and risks of the Internet, the benefits much more .. Here
Nodhalmkhatr several points .. To raise awareness and take caution and
reserve and protect ourselves and our children and put their hands
Internet more productive and effective.

[color:93ce="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]Disadvantages of the Internet:

• wasting times
• Identify the bad company
• destabilize beliefs and questioned.
• Publication of infidelity and corruption and atheism
• falling into the trap of Christianization.
• Destruction of ethics and publishing vices
• blind imitation of the Christians and their infatuation country
• neglect prayer and poor attention.
• Identify methods of terrorism and sabotage.
• rumor inactivity and laziness.
• wasting Education Level
• mental illness.
• spying on personal secrets.
• immoral sites that abound and proliferate on the Internet and that are
published and many Dshabosalib in an attempt to attract children and
adolescents to Mnhrfahomenafah behaviors of ethics
• Exposure to fraud and fraud, threat and blackmail.
• lure children and adolescents where they are harassed and seduced through chat rooms and e-mail
• spreading the concepts of racism.
• call for strange ideas contrary to our religion and to our own and
that exposure Bosaleptbehr adolescents such as devil worship and
relations strange anomalies.
• call for suicide and encourage him through some sites and chat rooms.
• murders committed during chat rooms by alien certain ritual
Tdaulmmarsh groups of the magic arts eventually lead to the killing
• indulging in use penetration hacker programs and sneak to disturb others and send viruses disruptive and annoying.
• Internet addiction problem. And mental illness caused by the misuse of the Internet, such as depression.
• life in fiction and love stories delusional fantasy and friendship
with Mjholhohmah figures, mostly disguised with masks and pseudonyms.
Consequent such Algossamn serious consequences.
• The use of aliases and the reincarnation Garchksyatem figures in chat
rooms and the consequent habitual commit Alokhtaalhamaqat and the use of
• e-procurement practice without censorship through the use of credit cards by a parent.
• gambling and infested sites and is promoted by all means online.
• defamation of individuals and corporations and malicious rumors spread
across publishing sites or through chat rooms or e-mail.
• Excessive use of dialects spoken and move away from the use of classical Allgharabh. In chat rooms, forums and e-mails.
• exercise of ownership rights violations. Put copies of books, songs
and movies on Sepelalmthal in their positions or traded among themselves
during their devices directly.
• exposure to damage computers and ruin the impact of viruses that arrive via e-mail and websites and download files.
• Information Privacy displays in devices to penetrate by professional ******* and amateur penetration and spyware.
• physical fatigue and exhaustion and health damage caused by the use of
Internet Tuilllkmpiotr and damage to the eyes and spine, joints and
weight Aloasabouzaydh or weight loss and other physical health risks


Internet addiction:

Amakant Internet has created new concepts, and contributed to the
re-formulation of human perception Anelzimn and place, and even the
self, it also brought New diseases, perhaps Ibrzhamred "Internet
addiction", and when things reach human health, then he Onieid look up
to conduct balanced.
This has thrown attention with Kulqldy psychologists private Americans;
led to the opening of specialized clinics to Madmnielanturnt, but it may
seem that some of these exciting clinics are Intrantip! And remember
Bedalmassadr "Marissa" the first to open a clinic for the treatment of
Internet addiction in Ospymclen of Harvard University in 1996.
But what is an addiction? What Haoaradh? And how does it arise? What are
the health effects, psychological and social? And How Amkanalajh?
Questions this document relies trying to answer them.

And can clarify the concept of "addiction" through symptoms, according
to the American Society of Psychiatry infected with [color:93ce="rgb(46, 139,
87)"]this disease suffer from several symptoms are:

- Non-saturation of the use of the Internet and spend a long time with the network.
- The feeling of wanting to be accessed when you left.
- User neglect of social life and family commitments and career.
- Extreme fatigue after use of the network user resort to deep sleep for a long time.
- The emergence of the effects of mental disorders Kalaratash and move your finger on an ongoing basis.
- Anxiety and excessive thinking in the network and what is happening
there, and feeling sad and depressed due to lack of communication.
With regard to the mechanism for addiction, the person who is addicted
has the ability prior to Admanlthakik needs psychological and exercise
activities that can not be achieved Fialloaqa practitioner, and then
resorted to trying to achieve through the Internet Faamlah harmonization
psychological escape from the reality of living; they provided Internet
Mnamkanat (Kakhva many secrets even the name) promotes behavior; makes
him Aamadichuta away in dealing with the Internet and the formation of
connections and relationships emotional or Jnsahonhoha, and this
constitutes a violation of the suppression experienced by the community,
but not soon Onastdm after a while reality and find that what Tohmh
sincerely does not solve the problem

• The "addiction" to happen multiple negative health effects; Recalling
Bedaldrasat to visual stress increase by 55% the Mstkhaddmaalkmpiotr;
which requires taking intermittent periods of rest, as well as
Astkhaddamalchachallowaqah and reflective glasses rays emitted from
Some doctors point to some of the psychological problems that computer
Aqturntbasthaddam such as "introverts computer" that infect Alvenergbon
addicts escape from reality, as well as those who unite with the device
and Istaadon Bhan other social activities; leads to lower skills
Altoaslalajtmai with others.

[color:93ce="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]To get rid of addiction advised the following:

• be aware of the patient that he was suffering from addiction, treatment phase begins.
• to control the time it is connected to the network or device, do not think of them when it is left
• Find the reasons that drive the addict to unite with the computer
And indulge in it, and try to address them and not to escape.
• If that does not work in, it is obliged to ask for help from parents or psychiatrist ..